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What is a landing page, what makes it effective and how it should be developed to gain more for your business

Landing page is called this way as it is the first place you see after clicking on ads, email links and others. Here you “land” and get acquainted with the website.

We talk about pay-per-click landing pages when imply pages deliberately created for advertising aims with a payment for each click.

Perfect landing page should turn potential client into a regular customer. All the staff on the page must work to help you in fulfilling this aim.

Crucial elements of a perfect landing page

1. Headline. It should describe and intensify more the offer the client has just seen before clicking. Be concrete there. It is important for your potential buyer in few seconds to catch the idea of your page.

2. Short and clear message what and how much the customer will gain by acting the way you offer. Give a description of opportunities you offer. It should never be too detailed or overloading to make your customer bored or scrolling.

3. Short form to gather necessary information about your client, email or telephone number with name will be enough. Too broad forms may annoy and the customer might prefer to skip it and apply to somebody not so meticulous or curious.

4. Vivid button with call to action and benefit from it. For example: “Get for free”, ‘Sign up and get a discount’.

Types of landing pages

Landing pages designed to generate leads. It is an often case to get contact information in return to subscription to a seminar, on-line lecture and so on. Mind, that lifetime value of a new customer should not exceed the cost for acquaintance.

E-commerce pages aiming to sell goods online. Ebay is good example of it. You will have good ROI if your cost for acquaintance will be lower than the product you offer.

Squeeze pages work only to grab emails and probably names of potential clients or website visitors.

How to improve your landing page

Here we want to share with you pieces of advice that were scrupulously collected by professionals in the area.

It is obligatory to use keywords at your landing page.

Write your verbs on call-to-action buttons in active voice.

Try out which colour and size of your button will be the most profitable.

Add videos and/or images that will tell more details about your product or offer.

Make sure your landing page has a logo of your company.

Remember about mobile devices users – make your landing adaptive.

What are common mistakes that may ruin your landing page and the whole campaign?

It will be one of the worst praсtices to write “Submit” as a call-to-action.

Your home page is not the best place to restoring all the traffic.

All your buttons should be of different colour from the whole design of your webpage.

It is not so good to put as much as possible links at your target page. It seems you want your visitors to leave your website without making conversions the sooner, the better.

A lot of information is worse than the amount you really need. 5-7 fields is enough.

Tell your visitors you use a two-part form.

Instead of conclusion

Landing pages is a very specific and useful tool, that may be applicable for a particular audience only. They are very effective in advertising and when you need to focus on something special – sales, information or invitation to a webinar and so on.

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