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What is Media Mix? Effective Marketing

Media mix is an advertising strategy to disperse content on multiple platforms to reach the maximum number of people. The main objective of this type of advertising is to help the business meet its different marketing objectives.
The word mix, in the media mix, suggests mixing things which is exactly what is done. In this type of strategy, multiple different communication channels are mixed to advertise the business and those channels can be anything; from a newspaper to a television or radio; from a website to email or social media; or even games, all depending on the preference and the base of the business.

Targeting the Right Audience

Everyone is connected in today’s world by something and if you have a business then there is a customer base looking for that particular product in your inventory. The most effective approach of the media mix is targeting the right audience to reach the right people and customer base at the lowest cost possible. To achieve this, you need to understand the business and the possible customers of the business.
If you want to reach an audience from within a country, the correct media mix will be newspapers, television, or radio. If your business is based on gaming keyboards, then you can focus on gaming magazines or events so that the wide number of gamers or gaming audience can get to know your business. Just like that, knowing what your target audience is, plays a high role in this type of advertising or marketing strategy.

Importance of Media Mix

Presenting your brand through multiple communication channels is important for the engagement of the customers with a business and it also plays a vital role in brand awareness as well. It ensures that a wide range of people not only know the business but understand the different aspects as well.

The media mix is a very powerful tool to advertise goods and services a business is providing. Keep in mind that it is not a tool for selling the products but rather a buying strategy; meaning it isn’t directly related to selling a product but rather those actions which concur and results in the business achieving its objectives.

Social media platforms play a big role in a company’s success; in fact, most small businesses and startups found their fame through these platforms. Today, everyone is connected through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many more which makes it easier for a business to let the wider audience know of their business, and using such platforms in media mixing creates a strong impact on the minds of the customers.

Media mix is of course not restricted only to social media. A business can showcase their products in several other ways including the display of their products in a magazine, on a billboard, or even televising the products; thus, making a strong media mix strategy. Hence, by media mix, both the up and running of newly found businesses, and well-established and well-known businesses can use this marketing strategy to help increase the growth of their products.
Although the media mix is diverse and this diversity gives a variety of options to choose from, it is always best in the interest of a business if the communications channels they choose are for a particular part of the demographic. This is a good approach for the media mix as the company will understand where their customers are, what they want, and how much they are willing to pay for it; which in return, makes the company focus on those particular points of their business.
Evaluating all of these criteria, one can choose the channels that will reach their target people without costing them a fortune and once all of this is done, a correct media mix is established.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • It uses multiple different platforms making the product known to the wider audience.
  • It helps marketers understand the latest marketing trend going on in the market.
  • It takes different marketing concepts into one, making the process of marketing simpler and easier to execute and manage.
  • It allows the business to try different marketing techniques on different platforms according to the resources, conditions, and customer needs.


  • The media mix doesn’t consider the behavior of their client but it is rather internally oriented.
  • It doesn’t allow the interaction and to capture relationships with the customers and makes it rather a passive marketing strategy.
  • It doesn’t provide the gradual person level insights to the business.

In short, the media mix is a very powerful marketing strategy and once your chosen communication channels start influencing people the way you desired, that’s when you know that the media mix has become successful.

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