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What is Personal Service Corporation – Guide

It is a service which give personal benefits to individuals or to a group by saving taxes. This service include a variety of business which is specified by IRS (internal revenue service). 
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Personal service corporation must fulfill the requirements that are;

  • Testing period’ it is a principle requirement of a personal service corporation. Generally it is a period of prior year of tax.
  • Employee-owners performance’ 20% of the corporation’s personal service is done by employee-owner.
  • ‘Employee-owner owns’ 10% of the market stock is owned by the employee-owner

Employee-owner is a person;

  • He must be an employee of a corporation or do personal service for.
  • They must own marketing stock from the corporation at testing period.

Rules To Qualify Personal Service Corporation

There are following two rules which qualifies corporation as a personal service corporations;

  • 95% of any business activities must be provided by employee-owner in their specific business.
  • 90% of the marketing stock must be held through partnership or any other service corporation.

Benefits Of Personal Service Corporation

  • It has ability to exist after owners die or they withdraw.
  • It has limited liability protection that is afforded by the owners. Which means that any owner is not responsible for the crime or evil acts of others.
  • It provide high retirement amount to owners.
  • It deduct or lower tax liability.
  • Peripheral benefits like insurance of health are also tax deductible.

Disadvantages Of Personal Service Corporation

  • It does not offer some tax break.
  • If the company has shareholders then the profit on tax divided among all the shareholders.

To qualify as a personal service corporation the following steps must be done;

  • Set up minimum requirements for the providing of service.
  • Give professional services which fulfill IRS statements.
  • To fulfill the ownership test.

Set up minimum requirements for the providing of service:
 The IRS will check the work of your business. To qualify as a service corporation the following factor must fulfilled;

  • Share holder must invest about 20% in a corporation.
  • If the corporation is a law firm then 20% of service must be of legal service by corporation.
  • Corporation must hire employees, officers and other staff so 20% of  salary consist of compensation of qualifying service.


Professional Service That Fulfill IRS Statement:

That service which qualify for specific tax payment. Qualified professionals included in a list of IRS are;

  • Accounting.
  • Auctorial science.
  •  Architecture.
  • Engineering.
  • Counselling.
  • Health.
  • Law.
  • Performing arts.

Pass the ownership test:
For the passing of ownership test, the marketing stick must be owned by the working employee or the retired employee. They must not be passive investors.
To incorporating in a personal service corporation steps must be fulfilled:

  • Check and balance on state or secretory of a state.
  •  Select which type of corporation you want to file.
  • Done the task of articles on corporation.
  • File the corporation article with the state.
  • Maintained corporation standing. 

Check and balance on state and secretory of state:
Ask to the secretory of a state about the qualifying of a personal service corporation.
Select the type of corporation which you want to file:
If you want to file a corporation, you choose that corporation which shows flexible management and international protection. This type of corporation is mostly selected by external investors.
Factors are which help you to choose corporation:

  • You choose that corporation which give you tax flexibility.
  • You choose the corporation that must limit the shareholders and the shareholders of a same citizen or same residential.
  • The corporation must be flexible with the shareholders.

Done the task of articles on corporation: 
For the creation of a corporation the first step is to create awareness by done articles on them. The articles will cover up all information about the business and the corporation.
The articles must be fulfill following steps;

  • The articles for the corporation consist of template type or the fill in the blanks format.
  • For further details of articles, must check out the fill out articles of corporation.
  • Hiring a specific person for the completing of a article is a good investment.

File the corporation article with the state:
The articles get complete then it is explain by the office or the websites. You will also get many copies of articles signed by the corporation. It must also have filling fee of 10$. The fee may be varies in different countries.

  • In Virginia the payment fee is 5$.
  • In  New York the payment fee is 125$.

Maintain corporate standing:
For the maintenance of corporation to stand in a good position it must complete the annual requirements. If the requirements are not fulfilled then the corporation will go in a complete loss and the corporation also loss its good status in this case the tax benefits also go in a loss.

  • Conduct meetings and final reports with shareholders and directors.
  • The rules by the laws must be kept current and without error. It shows 100% accuracy.

Understanding of the advantages of personal service corporation:
advantages which employee get from the personal service corporation:

  • Using the method of cash for the accounting.
  • Receive protection from the shareholders.
  • By offering life without tax and health insurance life.
  • By limiting the corporation’s tax.

Using the method of cash for the accounting:
The best method for the computing taxes is by cash accounting. This method is beneficial. 
Receive protection from the shareholders:
Aw person who manage both the business and the personal service must be incorporate and must separate the both assets from each other.
By offering life without tax and health insurance life:
An association is made which give benefits to the employee or shareholders with free tax life and health insurance.
By limiting corporation’s tax:
By passing the income of corporation through giving benefits to the employee in their salary and bonuses.

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