10 White Label Business Opportunities for Your Agency

White Label is a relatively new notion defining a model of several companies cooperation. It implies that once company will offer services and goods, while a real manufacturer here is absolutely different company. Today huge companies with large client database and respected brands are main recipients of such services. Small or family run businesses can also adopt the model as well, however the effect can be a bit lower.

Why businesses come to White Label?

The reasons may differ, but the following ones are the most common:

  • the budget is not enough, while the product seems to be very interesting to attract clients;
  • desire to enter a new market and sidestep competitors, partners in this case help to open new options and cover bigger audiences;
  • the company consists mainly of one type workers, like developers, and there is simply nobody to do marketing stuff.

What are the benefits from white label marketing?

Generally, the conditions differ, but partners can get the following benefits:

  • Quick start of partnership programm. It can be partially explained by the fact that time for testing and tuning of white label solution is less, than your own one.
  • Integration options. New ideas are often designed this way to be implemented into a bigger product immediately.
  • Ready made environment. Product buyer doesn’t need to invest in initial steps of development and pay for extra workers. Starting your product at the bottom will be 7 times higher than purchase of already existing solution.
  • Additional support from manufacturer. It is logical and more convenient as the developers can get with their program or product.
  • Flexible price. Final cost generally depends on the amount of the product and is negotiable for each case.
  • Branding. The product you have purchased can be branded in your unique style with your domain name.

White Label is in active use for almost two decades already. Some, however, feel worried that buying someone’s product will kill your own identity and the products you do as well. But, there is nothing to be afraid of as performing companies are to do the product according to your needs and plans, while you can work on what you can do really well.

What can you do on white label basis?

  1. Customer Support. Happy clients bring more money to you and can work as free advertisers of your service, of course, if you can offer prompt advice and understand specificity of your product better than just excellent.
  2. Content Creation. Good content is not so easy as it may seem, and more often doesn’t mean better. Companies that understand how well content is created will bring new clients to the client and improve his position in Google at least.
  3. Content Optimization. When we talk about it, one should understand that content can’t become viral by itself – it is the task for skilled workers. Don’t hesitate to delegate it to professionals, if you have found any.
  4. SEO Audit. This type of work is not so difficult as it used to be a decade ago, but your client can take right decision in case he has right understanding how browsers see his website.
  5. Software development. One programmer is unlikely to code a perfect website, application for web and desktop. It is a good practice to offer it those who can do it better.
  6. Social Media Marketing (SMM). New posts, content, images collection – it is all time and energy consuming, while you can delegate it to someone and continue doing your major work. But mind, this service is really expensive.
  7. Email marketing. Making people to open your letters is really an art, but be careful with outsourcing it as you will have to share your clients’ database to a third-party.
  8. Facebook marketing. The world biggest social media network cannot be ignored, you certainly have somebody to help you with all its advantages and difficulties.
  9. Copywriting. Generally this niche is covered by freelancers, however, even if you feel growth just for 1 per cent in your database – the person is really good at work.
  10. Technical marketing. Technical documents, researches and feedbacks are time consuming, especially if you don’t know where to look at. Amateur approaches can become even too expensive in the wrong hands.

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