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Cookie Policy

Omismedia cookie files notify message

Like many other portals, Omismedia utilizes file and cookie technology of cookies to enforce maximum lightness to users by providing user information, remembering favors in products and marketing, as well as to obtain the correct information. By accessing the Omismedia portal, you acknowledge that you give the consent to the applying of cookies in obedience to this notice regarding the file type. In case you do not agree to these terms, you must modify the settings of your browser accordingly and stop using the portal.

General information about cookies and similar process

A cookie is a tiny file that commonly composes of some letters and numbers. It is preserved on the user’s computer, mobile phone, tablet PC or other similar machine which helps you visit our portal. Cookies are often used by the site owner to keep the portal or to make better the functioning of the portal, as well as to obtain analytical data.
Our portal and service providers could apply different options of cookies on

• “Aiming” cookie files. This is a sort of files that includes the info about user’s processes around the web, including access to and our portal pages as well as the data about ads you agree to view and the references which you you have selected. One of goals of is providing the content associated with you. Another goal is to give our website and our service providers the opportunity to offer advertisements and some other data that fits your preferences well. (In this way, our web site and our suppliers attract business partners such as the platform involved in data management, information portals, platforms dedicated to research on the market, helping to process such information). This means that if you visit the page that contains data about certain products or services, we may make advertising about this or similar product or service appear on all of our websites or other websites that you visit. This data may be transferred to other organizations other than, including advertisers or ad networks to provide advertising, and to assist in metering the efficiency of several advertising campaigns.
• “Productivity” cookie files. This is the kind of files that aid us get a superficial understanding of how the user interacts with, obtaining data on the areas visited by the user, and how much time he spent on Oh? At the same time, they can notify challenges that could arise on our portal, such as bug messages. This information can be applied to make better the productivity of the site. This kind of cookie is also useful for metering the backlash of ads campaigns and aids to streamline the information of our portal to make it more convenient for those users who are wondered in several kinds of ads. Productivity cookies can’t be utilized to make authentication of you. Any information that is compiled and treated is unnamed.
• “Rigorously needful” cookie files. This is a kind of files that are important; they allow us to navigate through and apply his opportunities. Files of this type do not authenticate our user as an single individual. If you do not accept to the use of cookies of this sort, you can deal with our portal or its elements.
• “Functionality” cookie files. It is a kind of files designed to recognize those users who revisit our portal. Feature cookies allow portals to accumulate data about how a user gets in when he or she gets in and gets out, and possibly along with some processes that the user executed on the portal when he or she gets in. The user has blocked this kind of cookie, and this may influence the action of the portal, as well as its productivity and admittance to the website may be limited.

What are the remedies other data can be accumulated and applied?

Our portal and our service providers may utilize cookies for a multiple of goals, including:

• Provision of advertising, multiple kindes of data and messages made by our portal and third parties on some other websites, taking into account the scope of the user’s interests.
•Facilitation of the information receiving method for and third parties about attends to the user’s portal.
•Handling of data about the user’s attends to the webpage for onward drafting
•Handling incoming requests from users.
• Quantifiable detection of the sum of users and how they apply our portal to make it more usability and a better understanding of the favours of our users.
•Assist our users by providing them with relevant information.

How long are cookies kept on the user’s pc?

The length of cookies kept on a user’s device may differ: most cookies elapse when the user logs off. On the contrary, some of them are not withdrew when the user shuts the browser. These cookies are called “persistent” and may have different storage times on computers or other devices. Insofar possible, we can say that most ads cookies could persist to one month. Omismedia, likewise many other companies, apply persistent cookies for different goals: for instance, to count how often a user attends or how often he or she comes back, how to use modify over time and determine the impact of our ads campaigns.

How are cookies went to the user’s units?

Administrators of may place cookies on user units. In this instance, the files are called “first-party”cookies. Several cookies could also be submitted to the user’s PC by various providers. In this instance, the files are called “third-party” cookies.

Our firm and some third parties use cookies since this technique aids us recognize how our services can be and are used. By reason of the use of cookies, some basic and other information may be collected and used (for instance, information about the operating system of the user unit, browser content and the URL from which the transaction reached to a specific page, including emails and advertisements) – there via Omismedia you can propose our users more opportunities and examine information about the routes of This process allows the firm to count the number of users attending several services through the next links from particular banners outside using text links or pictures. In addition, it is applied as a tool to collect common statistical data on how portal are used for analytical exploration, through which could be further streamlined and so that to propose the proper advertising, as indicated below.

How can I use online and mobile advertising? in partnership with third parties, our service providers and our technology partners, engages in ads actions focused on the interests of some users, through the rendering of advertising content and customized content that meets the interests of our users. Third-party users use cookies in the work of providing our company, likewise several other firms with their services; under those circumstances, Omismedia has no control over the use of this process or the data that may be obtained as a result of its implementation.

For this reason, Omismedia is not charged for the regulations or actions of third parties. Depending on the characters the user may enter, various kinds of advertising, the ways the user uses the cell phone, and according to his or her activities in the process of searching for specific data, his or her reply to some ads or emails that we have submitted, the pages that the user attends, the geo area and other data about the user may be offered.

This type of advertising can be appeared on or on portals belonging by third parties. The technology affiliates we usually work with help us to run advertising campaigns that serve the interests of our users. These companies may engage in several self-regulation associations. also appears several ads proposed by third parties. It relies on which pages the user likes to attend, what processes the user executes on the and other cases.

How can the cookie be controlled?

Most Internet browsers are usually configured to automatically use cookies. The user can change the settings to inhibit cookies or be notified when cookies are submitted to the user’s unit. Cookies can be used in different manners. To find out more about how to configure cookie settings, please refer to the instructions on your browser’s support page. Outage of cookies may influence your capability to receive private data from our portal, likewise your Browsing process on the whole. This is true for any unit that can be used as a tool to view and access In the event you are using some other units such as PC, tablet, smartphone, you should make sure that all browsers on all units are properly installed to work with the cookies applied

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