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OmisMedia is profoundly strong in ecommerce marketing.

Let’s figure out what web based marketing in ecommerce is and what ecommerce website marketing is needed for.

Ecommerce marketing is a process meant to achieve high sales, sustainable traffic growth through raising awareness of your customers about the product you propose and your online store’s brand.

First of all ecommerce website marketing plan must be created. It is a melange of the goals you set, ecommerce website marketing strategies and tactics you apply. The goals are usually your customers, revenue or traffic. Marketing strategies are a kind of subgoals, your objectives for example:

  1. 1. Growth of your email list;
  2. 2. Strengthen brand availability and reach;
  3. 3. Gain a group of enthusiastic customers;
  4. 4. Build credibility and authority of your brand etc.

Tactics are the ways that make strategies work. It is how you want to make your plan work, for example, outreach or paid advertisements on social networks such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and other social media.

To achieve success in marketing on the web in ecommerce our company use different ecommerce marketing channels starting with search engine marketing and search engine optimization and finishing with pay-per-click advertising, email and affiliate marketing.

OmisMedia has a list of rules to be stick to, because we are glad to please our clients with good results.

Before starting our professionals always develop a content marketing strategy as it is known that nothing lasts long without a profound plan.

We take care of email marketing campaigns which are considered to be one of the key parts of an effective internet marketing strategy in keeping in touch with your past, new and potential customers.
An important point is that the right use of social media is able to have an effect on your sales figure tremendously. Many social networks such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and many others prove themselves to be reliable tools in marketing that can impress you with results. That is why we are to use them.
We can create your own original content: If you want not only engage, but also deter your customers, than it is better to think of creating high-quality content. The more original photos, videos, articles, blog posts, infographics, audios or any other ways of presenting information you can produce, the better it is. All these forms let your ecommerce web marketing flourish and bring the fruits.

It’s a fact that personalization strategy must be put into action. Your ecommerce marketing as personalized as it is possible: addressing people with their names, your company’s “face” presence, showing the process of how your product is made, photos and videos of your employees will make your customers trust you and can awoke loyalty.

In the modern world it is important to be sure that your website is mobile-friendly as a lot of people use their mobile devices for searching the Internet and making purchases. We want your customers to find you on any search engine (for example, Google) and that is why we check the websites to be able to transform for smartphones, tablets, etc.

There is a wonderful way to promote any website. It is PPC (pay-per-click marketing). On the one hand it is a sophisticated process that takes a lot of time, but on the other hand its results are worth it. Besides, only clicks made on the advertisement are to be paid for. So many potential clients will see your ads, but until they click on them you pay nothing as well as if nobody sees.

OmisMedia has highly-skilled in SEO team members. Searching Engine Marketing is used to improve your website positioning and to get conversion and web traffic. The main task is to analyze special keywords that identify your ecommerce website with a certain kind of products.

In addition, there is a list of tips that you can follow on your own or with the help of our professionals:

  1. Implementing of a loyalty program make your customers feel pleasure about spending their money at your shop. It is a chance they become your regular customers;
  2. Choose user-generated content;
  3. Use the language of your customers. If you want your ecommerce website to be successful all over the world, it is time to provide your potential clients with the translations into their native languages;
  4. Your social networks automation can save your precious time for other business matters;
  5. Target wearable technology such as glasses or watches;
  6. Create various online discussion areas, for example, message blogs. They will give your ecommerce store unique user-generated content and as a bonus will build authority;
  7. Your delivery options must be better and faster than any other;
  8. Automation of other marketing techniques such as email campaigns;
  9. FAQ pages gather a lot of visitors. Why not make them eye-catching?
  10. Your website’s content is to be packed with photos and other visual stuff in order to make it easy-to-interpret and to make visitor be interested in, etc.