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Expert Account Management from OMISMEDIA

Our account managing professionals, having spent considerable time in the space, know how to match the best partners with the proper offers. Their competent work has brought OMISMEDIA a reputation as one of the leading companies in performance-based marketing approach.

Field experience demonstrates that efficient management of account is crucial for the success of a promotion. Once you register at OMISMEDIA network, you are assigned a manager specifically chosen to address your needs, or you may select a manager based on your own examination of available candidates.

The manager follows the campaign’s advancement and development and guarantees its proper performance. AM can be easily reached through email, phone or messengers, and you may quickly contact them whenever you need help or have questions, complaints or suggestions.

We recruit AMs based on a meticulous review process to be sure our customers will get the most competent, experienced and intelligent experts. We also train co-op students who wish to become account managers and ensure they will, under the supervision of our senior staff, reach the level that upholds the OMISMEDIA’s reputation.