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Full Reseller Management

Full Reseller Management from OMISMEDIA

Attach and handle partnerships with no effort and personalize connections by various metrics including credit limit, type, margin, etc. Alternatively, entrust the task to our devoted account managing staff who are competent in doing all things like reselling and managing diligent and precise affiliate payouts.

OMISMEDIA platform is based on state-of-the-art toolware and technologies and is constantly improved and innovated by knowledgeable and ingenious staff members. This is an important factor that defines the user-friendliness of the system to the extent that a client doesn’t have to be marketing guru to manage their own account.

This especially implies to handling your partnership connections and resell management. Your account in the OMISMEDIA includes intuitive tools that allow you add, filter and manage such connection very easily, without wasting time and nerves.

For those who still want save time and effort, OMISMEDIA account managing professionals will offer their helping hand. You will be rest assured that your campaigns run smoothly and you are working with the most reliable and efficient partners.

full reseller management - Full Reseller Management
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