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OMISMEDIA – Performance Based Marketing

Multiple Acquisition Models

Multiple Acquisition Models from OMISMEDIA

OMISMEDIA’s versatile system supports a full selection of pricing methodologies like CPI, CPL, CPA, CPS, revenue share, etc. Additionally, we handle all your reselling and partnership connections and guarantee that you and the publishers your work with get paid accurately and in a timely manner.

Being a future-oriented, innovation-seeking team, we always improve our platform and try to make it as versatile as possible. This is combined with client-oriented approach with an objective to find the optimum solution for every individual customer.

Thus, OMISMEDIA platform is compliant with all major pricing and acquisition approaches. All the models include a number of sub-options as well as a possibility to tweak and customize them for any need. This means you may get options based on installs, leads, actions etc, or the share of revenue, plus several choices for regularity and so on.

The payout options are flexible as well and cover all available payments systems like PayPal, Bitcoin, wire, Payoneer, etc. And, of course, payments always arrive on time and in an honest and accurate manner. No delays, no missing dollars, you may simply forget about such troubles!

multiple acquisition models - Multiple Acquisition Models
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