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Online ads portal Omismedia.com (further referred to as the “Company”) makes emphasis on the provision and development of various ads campaigns online. To grant customers with the best online advertising services, the COMPANY has createed its personal framework “Omismedia “(further referred to as”Omismedia”).

The FIRM is an admittance supplier for its Advertisers (“Customers”). In the process of online ads services, the FIRM may collect anonymous private data of users. The FIRM also demonstrates advs to its potential customers – users.

The FIRM is committed to protecting its users data and keeping user data private. To assure and provide better defend of Users privacy, the FIRM is launching a Private Regulation. The private regulation includes the defend of the User’s information gathered and the ways to “Opt-out” of any data about user content.

The FIRM is governed by the next private regulation Guidelines regarding the gathering and defend of user content.

1. Omismedia and its Users’ personal data.
Omismedia, as an Internet advertising service Supplier, may gather unnamed data about users. The data comprises the next information: Internet supplier, user’s browser language, process system installed on the user’s unit, data about the user’s portals attended, for instance address (URL) and IP address.

The FIRM gathers data about the user only for statistical goals.
2. The FIRM may introduced users with the major regulations of Missmedia, the concepts of data handling, the sum and kind of data obtained by Omimedia.com.

By no means will the FIRM process or disclose personal information of Users, apart from instances of individual query of users for personal data.

3. Files of cookies.
Cookies are tiny files that are placed on Omismedia.com. They can be transferred to the harddisk of the user’s PC and via a online browser (with the user’s harddisk). Cookies aid portals or any other systems of the service supplier to identify the browser that the User utilizes and fixates accurate information.

Clients of the FIRM can apply their individual databank, which has data. In this instance, content should only be utilized by a specific Client to target their personal ads campaigns.

4. What does The FIRM utilize the information of Users for?
– To run concrete media ads.
– To gather the statistical information;
– To perform duly the FIRM’s services
– To establish client service

5. Privacy
By no means shall the FIRM disclose any user data obtained from the portal to third parties. Disclosure of data can be done only in the event of providing data to third parties who act on behalf of the FIRM and only for the disclosure of online ads services Omismedia.com.

The FIRM may only render individual form data to third parties as required by the laws of England and Wales. We do not store credit card information on the portal and just apply a certified billing system to process client billings. With the suggestions of the security standards Council of the payment card industry, respectively, the information on your billing card is protected by the application layer of the AES algorithm and 256-bit dongle length, likewise transport-level cryptography.

6. Right of “Refuse”.
All users have the possibility to prohibit the FIRM from obtaining User’s private data through the “Refusal” service.