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OMISMEDIA is a company that provides performance-based marketing solutions and services

Terms of Use – an ads company that proposes a amicable platform for interaction among portal owners and advertisers on the portal
Usage of the portal is done only with the permission of the conditons of utilization of the portal (further referred to as the “Conditions”). These Conditions also use to any test use of the next service. By applying the service, you accept to be bound by these conditions. If you do not accept to utilize these Conditions, stop applying any services.
These conditions comprise the conditions of usage of the Portal by the portal owner and / or advertiser for several goals.
Besides that, also reserves the right to make modifies to the conditions of usage at any moment. To make modifies to the conditions, the company has not sent any prior notify to advertisers and / or webmasters by email or otherwise. The FIRM may publish an updated conditions of usage on the Portal.
The user is obliged to check the website regularly for any updates in the Conditions of usage. The user is expected to accept the default changes by continuing to use the Portal after the modifies are posted to the Portal.

Formation & application of the user account

When creating a private account on the portal, the user shall verify that he/she is at least 18 years of age or any other age that, in accordance with the law of the User’s country of residence, allows the User to apply this platform. If the User introduces the part of a juridical entity, this should be specified in the data and tagged as a juridical delegate of the entity.

The account holder is charged for the usage of the account and does not violate the conditions of use posted on the Portal and the regulations that are specified in the conditions of usage of the Portal.

While registrating, the User must give a individual email address and make a passphrase to log in. Private e-mail or any another data should not be utilized by third parties. To pay, the User must give direct details and data about the payments. can refuse to select the user’s account name or email address without clarification.
The user takes responsibility for the exactness of private data and is expected to admit to hold all details, including private password. In the event of non-compliance with these demands may revoke the registering of the account. Apart from that, you accept to inform cases of illegal usage of your account or any other safety challenge, including stealing or illegal disclosure of your password. Besides, you admit to be liability for all activities held in your account. reserves the right to suspend or halt admission to your account anywhen, and the grounds may differ. Causes comprise infraction of any of the Conditions, rejection to verify data given by you, or any other unlawful, deceptive actions, degrading processes that could cause damage or any third party.

Statistical work
Within one month, the account owner could preview the records that are integrated in the statement system In all instances, the FIRM handles all extensively used techniques and ways for measuring traffic.
Connection among and advertisers and / or portal owners must be construed in conformity with the enactments of the UK and Northern Ireland.

Restrictive permit to apply: provides the User with a non-exclusive, incommunicable, restrictive permit to apply the Portal to carry out promotional activities, but does not allow the User to apply any commercial activities on the Portal.
The user’s permit continues until the end of the usage of the Portal. This permit is terminated if the User does not follow with any conditions of usage of the Portal. In addition, will not provide the User with notify of such decision.
As a Portal owner, has other rights listed next:
Regulations & limitation:
In accordance with the usage of the Portal and Private account, the User concurs:

• Relieve from responsibility for bugs made in statistical reporting (you accept that statistical information is object to revision only in event of deceptive clicks; bug processing). As a whole, the statistics are updated a couple of times a day. Statistical information generated by my, fully authentic and explicit.
• Contact us by email if you want to shut your account forever;
• Assume conditions, payments posted on the Portal or sent to you by email.

With respect to the usage of the Portal and the account, the User accepts:
• Not violate the regulations, including but not confined to the Private Regulations or any other cases or contracts that are published on the
• Not contravene any legislations or regulations, including, but not confined to, regulations usable to financial services, advertising, customer security, unscrupulous rivalry, prohibition, racism, discrimination, nationalism.
• Not propose or spread services, counterfeit goods, diagrams and processes (for instance, fast financial scheme), pyramid schemes, chain letters, or engage in any unjust fraud.
• Not infringe upon the author’s right, trademark, patent, business secret or any other intellectual ownership rights or rights of glasnost or sanctity of private life of any person.
• Not to disrupt the principle of secrecy and not to uncover data or commitments that you have with other parties;
• To delete any ad if it consists:
pornographic, defamatory, menacing, calumnious, or any act that facilitates assault;
• demean a person or group of people based on gender or sexual attitude, religion, age or invalidity, race or ethnic affiliation.
• involve untrue or deceptive data.

• distribute or obtain any data about any other Portal users or account holders, including any private info that may be utilized for marketing goals, unless you obtain rightful approval from the account owners.
• to propose or spread any form of sexual services, such as pornographic stuffs or services, any stuffs or services that have an age restriction.
• to apply deceptive techniques, synthetically swell, clicks, inject clicks (for instance, posting our teasers in a video player, pop-UPS, buttons, etc.).
• to unlock a new account on with the account that was locked by reason of infraction of conditions;
• to juggle identifiers or rig captions to conceal the source of any information conveyed via the Portal;
• to translate, change, adjust, produce derived works from, parse or seek to obtain software, technology, source code from the Portal. If you are attempting to make a replacing or akin service;
• To apply Trojan horses, worms, bugs or other Pc softwares that may harm, hinder with the system and call the gathering of data, information or units by the user of the portal.

In accordance with the laws of copyright, trademarks and other proprietary (including intellectual property) rights, the design, information, schemes, compilation, and other details related to the portal of are protected. Therefore, copying, framing, reproduction, use or publication of any such matters or any part of the Portal is strictly forbidden.

Advertisement content
The User, as advertiser, is entirely responsible for all content of the advertisement, sent out. does not double check the content and is not responsible for the integrity or quality of any User’s content. By no means shall be responsible for any content, including, any errors or any damage of any type information, happened as a result of the use of any content. The User acceptance to bear all risks, related to the usage of own ads materials.
Links to Third Party portals
The Portal may have links or being directed to User by the portals owned or operated by third parties (“third party websites”). The Portal does not manage any actions processed by any of these third party portals or their properties. The Portal also is not in charge for the content of third part portals. The User applies the third party portals at own risk.
The Losses
The User agrees to compensate in case of any losses, including charges, costs or expenses (including legal fees), caused by: (a) improper operation of the program; (B) misuse of the website; or (c) violation of this Agreement.
Payments Regulation
The User is required to state the real name and surname while registration process. If User requests for money withdrawal via credit/debit card, the name and surnam, which were indicated in personal account must match with credit/debit card’s name and surname. In case, if does not match, the withdrawal transaction will be rejected. The FIRM does not provide any payments to the third parties.
The payments are processed to Publishers (Web holders) once a week by Omismediaby wire transfer to the bank cards or bank account. The terms of payments can be changed due to the decision of Omismedia. The minimum amount of payment is 20 USD. If the balance of User is less than 20 USD, Omismedia will add the amount to the future payment. The payments are usually made in USD/EUR. Omismedia bears no liability, doesn not guarantee any respect to the proper timely delivered payment.
Webowner is responsible for supplying valid payment information, in case if details are incorrect or the Webowner changes its payment details, it is the Webowner’s responsibility to notice the Website 3 days before the Payment due date. The Webowner is obliged to cover all payments fees, including bank commissions, if needed. Omismedia may refuse to process a payment (and may use payment hold) of your account for any reason. The reasons include reasonable suspicion of violation the Conditions of Usage. Omismedia also reserves the right to set-off any amount User owes to the FIRM, including for violation of the Conditions of Usage.
Omismedia does not bear any responsibility for paying taxes for payments delivered to the User and User agrees to pay for all taxes in the country of residence, as result of activity on the Omismedia platform. In certain cases, Omismedia may withhold all User’s payments until THE FIRM receives necessary tax documentation from the User.
Omismedia correspond for the precise estimation of statistics and payments, including distinctive clicks, demonstrations, processes, and the income created on the portal of the Webowner.
Return regulation
The return could be brought only after a written query of the user, containing the causes for the return. The query should be submitted to the email in the next occasions:
• Publicity campaign couldn’t be initiated due to non-compliance of advertising content with the requirements of the current legislation, poor quality of information
• The advertiser may ask the advertising campaign be terminated. At that rate, the Advertiser must demande that all advertisements be stopped and blocked. The return will be produced under the sum of unspent means. The sum should be count
ed on the basis of the Omismedia accounting system.
A return query will only be considered rightful if the query was sent from an email associated with the advertiser’s Account.
The refund cannot be accepted if the advertiser violates the conditions of use, privacy regulation or other conditions accepted by the parties.

Under no circumstances. is charge for any continuous operation of the portal. Portal work actions can be performed at all hours. Apart from that, can interlock Webowner at all hours without prior announcement. The Firm may also keep payments in case of doubtful process on the account or infraction of the portals rules, including infraction of the rights of third parties.

The advertising activity statistics executable by the portal is the single credible source of information.

Force majeure

Neither Party shall be liable for any failure to perform or deferral its commitments under this Contract in the event of force majeure. Force majeure involves conflagrations, storms, government activities, military and labor strikes, earthquakes, natural disasters, or any other causes that may cause a loss of control by either party.
Conditions of usage of cannot be modified under any occasions. The modifies take effect right away after their official posting on the portal.

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